22min Fast Charging

Fast Charging with Cooling fan

It is necessary to cool down the battery before you begin to charge it when you charge the battery, which is the high temperature after use. MAKITA developed the original charger system, Built-in the cooling fan. The stand-by time until the charge starts is greatly shortened by cooling efficiently. In addition, the charger keeps cooling while charging it, and the rapid charge is achieved.

The charging time in practical condition

In case that the battery that became 70 degrees C right after use is charged in the environment of 25 degrees C.

Well Balanced Cooling

The design which air flows recently overall and it can cool cell evenly and rapidly. Well-balanced cooling system prevents the load only to a part of cell and makes battery life longer.

40% Lighter & Firm Holding

Firm Holding

Multi-contact terminals reduce electrical resistance and increase connection stability withstanding against vibration, and ultimately ensures stable current supply to the tool.

430% Extreme Stamina

The charger communicates with the individual cell in battery and then it controls current, voltage, and temperature. The both rapid and optimum charge was achieved. It made battery life longer.


- The built-in CPU in battery records the battery usage history and transmits it to the charger.

- The CPU built in the charger analyzes its condition, high temperature, re-charge after full charged, over-discharging. The battery lasts long life because it can be charged at the best method and time.

MAKITA: Capacity Balanced Battery Pack

1. It is designed that an individual cell whose condition is full, discharge, empty works well. It is hard to become the over-discharge and an overcharge because the individual cell capacity prevent to anomalies.
2. It is possible to use it efficiency because the capacity of each cell is not uneven and discharge evenly.

Competitor A: Capacity Unbalanced Battery Pack

1. Competitor charging system causes to decrease the capacity of the cell, which weakened by the heavy load work because competitors do not install an optimum charge.
2. Discharge stops by using the capacity of the weakened cell completely, when you use the power tool in the condition, noted as above. Therefore the capacities of other cells are not used completely, so that workloads are decreased at a charge.

Batteries and Chargers for Optimum Charging System