The New Golden Standard - Up to 15x longer life than other screwdriver bits, the new Impact Gold isn't likely to take the silver.

15x Longer Life

Impact Gold Torsion bits can last upto 10x longer than a regular screw bit, whilst an Impact Gold Insert bit can last up to 15x longer than a regular bit when coupled with a holder.

Precision Engineering

Impact Gold Torsion Bits feature a unique design which focuses the forces exerted on a regular screw bit away from the tip, meaning less chance of breakage.

25mm Torsion Insert bits

Our 25mm Impact Gold Torsion Insert Bits last up to 10x longer than a standard insert bit, which can be increased to 15x as long when used with the 75mm Torsion Bit holder.

50mm Torsion Insert bits

Our 50mm Impact Gold Torsion Screw Bits last up to 10x longer than a standard screw bit thanks to an extra long torsion zone.

Holders & Adapters

Extend the life of your Impact Gold bits with these holders and adapters.
The Ultra Mag Torsion Bit holder features a strong magnetic grip allows for hands free screwing.

Torsion Bit Set

Easy access button release, this 11 piece set includes a full range of 25mm Impact Gold Torsion Insert Bits and a 75mm Torsion Bit Holder.