Compact and lightweight design

DC10WD provides higher charging performance than DC10WA, but with a more compact and lightweight design. (It's same charging time(50min.) as DC10WA for 1.3Ah battery although the new battery is 1.5Ah.)

Forced air cooling system

DC10SB only
- Stand-by time until the charge starts can be greatly shortened by using charger DC10SB equipped with a built-in cooling fan.
- Effectively cools down every battery cell with the forced air cooling system and the heat sinks.

Multi-Contact Slide-type Terminal

- Ensures stable contact with tool even under extreme vibration.
- Allows tools to be equipped with an ergonomic handle design.

Charging status indicator

Shows the charging status of a battery being charged in 2 stages: less than 80% and 80% or more.

Wall mountable for charging

Can be mounted on the wall for charging, allowing the user to obtain maximum working space on workbench.

Battery fuel gauge

(BL1021B, BL1041B)
The power remaining in the battery can be indicated in 4 stages simply by pushing a button.

Li-ion Battery & Charger Time Reference, Compatibility Chart