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Cordless Vacuum Pump

Cordless Vacuum Pump

18V Cordless Vacuum Pump


๐ 4 CFM class cordless vacuum pump for air purge during installation of air conditioning systems ๐ Designed to purge large air conditioning systems which DVP180 cannot purge ๐ High power ・DVP181 adopts dual-stage compression method, which can generate vacuum level much higher than single-stage compression method of DVP180 ・This high power enables DVP181 to purge large air conditioning systems such as 20hp class industrial refrigerating showcases or air conditioners for office use ๐ Long run time of 60 minutes with a fully charged BL1860B x2, enough to complete most purging jobs ๐ Compression type: Oil-sealed rotary vane type, Dual-stage compression ๐ Check valve: Electromagnetic valve ๐ Cordless vacuum pump for air purge during installation of room air conditioner ๐ Removes all air from refrigerant tubing to create a vacuum environment before the tubing is charged with refrigerant gas ๐ Easy to carry with a compact and lightweight body ๐ Drain port with valve allows for easy change of vacuum oil pump ๐ Valve minimizes securely oil back flow ๐ Convenient in places where AC outlet is not available ๐ Battery guards minimize the possibility of battery damage even if the machine falls down ๐ Optional shoulder belt can be attached

Standard Equipments : Vacuum pump oil, Adapter

Technical specifications

Flow rate 113 L/min
Ultimate vacuum 3Pa
Motor speed 3,200 minˉ¹­
Oil tank capacity 300 mL
Inlet port 5/16 / 3/8"
Run time (min) w/ BL1860B x2 : 60
Dimensions (L x W x H) 383 x 193 x 210 mm
Net weight 8.1 - 8.2 kg
Carrying Case