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Cordless Grease Gun

Cordless Grease Gun

18V Cordless Grease Gun


๐ Mainly for maintenance jobs of heavy machinery, farm machinery or other large machinery, such as greasing up, crawler track tensioning and more ๐ Automatic change of flow rate (or dispensing speed) for increased operability ๐ Powerful motor delivers up to 69 MPa (10,000 PSI) of max pressure ๐ Features two speed modes; Slow and Auto-Switching ๐ Auto speed change mode applies grease while varying the flow rate automatically matching the resistance of the part being greased ๐ Variable speed trigger allows the user to adjust discharge rate ๐ Lock-on button for user convenience during longer work periods ๐ Maximum flow rate of 290 mL (10 oz.) per minute for faster work ๐ Bulk grease is directly loadable into the barrel ๐ 1.2 m (47-1/4") flexible hose enables easy operation even in tight places ๐ Built in twin LED lights with separate switch helps locate hard to see grease fittings in low light ๐ Compatible grease: No. 0-2 ๐ Stand up design and shoulder strap provides increased comfort on the job ๐ Ergonomically designed handle with soft grip provides increased comfort on the job ๐ Battery protection circuit protects against overloading, over-discharging and over-heating ๐ Powered by Makita 18V LXT Li-Ion battery

Standard Equipments : Shoulder strap

Technical specifications

Max operating pressure 69 MPa
Flow rate Slow speed mode 145 mL/min
Flow rate Auto speed change mode 290 mL/min
Grease capacity w/ Barrel A Cartridge / Bulk : 410 / 455 g
Grease capacity w/ Barrel B Cartridge / Bulk : 450 / 570 g
Grease capacity w/ Barrel C Cartridge / Bulk : 500 / 570 g
Hose length 120 cm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 411 x 114 x 245 mm
Net weight 4.8 - 6.1 kg
Variable Speed
Built-in-Job Light