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Cordless Crimper

Cordless Crimper

18V Cordless Crimper


๐ Four different types of tip attachments, including optional ones, are available for versatility ๐ By replacing the tip attachment, therefore, this multi-functional tool can cover a variety of cable connecting applications, such as crimping, compressing, cable-cutting and more ๐ Auto release function ๐ Piston automatically returns to the original position after crimping/compressing/cable-cutting is completed (Auto release function can be disabled) ๐ T-shaped tool body provides excellent tool balance during operation for operator comfort ๐ Compact overall length achieved by using BL motor ๐ Piston operation is displayed with 2 LEDs (green, red): • Green LED lights up when piston operation is completed • Red LED lights up when an error has occurred ๐ Counter function for maintenance alarm • The tool records how many times crimping/compressing/cable-cutting has been done, and use the number of times as an approximate guide to when to repair parts • When the tool is used 5,000 times or 11,000 times, one or two red LEDs light up to remind you of maintenance [Approximate guide to when to repair parts] ∙ When used 5,000 times, one LED lights up: Inspection and adjustment of Hydraulic unit is necessary ∙ When used 11,000 times, two LEDs light up: Replacement of Hydraulic unit is necessary ๐ Multi-functional with 4 tip attachments ・ Crimping attachment (Standard equipment); can crimp electric wires with a cross-sectional area of 14 to 250 mm ・ T-type compression attachment (Optional accessory); can compress the total cross-sectional area, from 7.5 to 240 mm, of applicable cables ・ Cable-cutter attachment (Optional accessory); can cut cables up to ø50 mm ・ Hexagonal compression attachment (Optional accessory); can compress copper terminals with an outer dia. of up to ø32 mm ๐ Trigger-lock button for minimizing the switch trigger from accidentally pulled ๐ Twin LED light ๐ Straps for attaching optional Shoulder belt ๐ Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) is engineered for improved dust and water resistance for operation in harsh conditions

Standard Equipments : Male dies, Female dies, Crimping top, Crimping yoke

Technical specifications

Force at Die face 127 kN
Crimping range 14-250 mm
Max cable cutting capacity 50 mm
T-type compression die T-11 - T-240
Hexagonal compression die Cu8-14-12 (C12) - Cu180-200-32 (C32)
Net weight 4.4-4.7 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 330 x 85 x 330 mm
Built-in-Job Light
Carrying Case